As marijuana continues to become a prevalent part of everyday society for your average person, it’s interesting to look at the opportunities available to create products using CBD and/or THC. For the most part, any consumable product that is currently on your local supermarket shelf or your on pharmacy shelves can be infused with any of the cannabis compounds; Not only can these products be infused to create a new experience or health benefit, but there are going to be totally new products that give the boot to some legacy products that have been a part of our daily lives as shoppers. It truly is a unique time in history where we get to witness birth of (and be a part of) what is going to be one of the largest evergreen industries (no pun intended, or maybe.) the world has ever seen.

Let’s take a look at alcohol for a minute… If you are an alcohol producer, you may want to at least take a look at what your options are where Cannabis is concerned. As mentioned in some interviews with Cannabis producers in the space, there are compelling reasons why things like Cannabis infused beers and wines are going to find their place in the market, and take a good part of the adult beverage market share. Imagine being able to drink an adult beverage that allows to feel like you are getting a “buzz”, but it is not traditional alcohol, it offers health benefits not found in any of the legacy alcoholic beverages, and it does not have the calories that a typical beer has; That is called total disruption, and the disruptors have already started to make their foray into the world; Toronto-based company, Province Brands of Canada, is the first company in the world to produce beers from the whole Cannabis plant with their own patent-pending technology. They recently completed a $10.95M round of funding, and also recently announced a co-packing and licensing agreement with Brock Street Brewing Company, which will allow Brock Street Brewing Company to launch two new types of beer under their brand. They are poised to change the narrative in the adult beverage industry.

The same goes for the wine industry, with California-based Rebel Coast Winery, as an example. They have successfully produced the first marijuana-infused wine, and it is on the market right now. Not only are they producing high quality wine, but they have been able to do so with their own patented process. This legal Cannabis industry is brand new, and Rebel Coast has it all figured out (and patented) before the major players have even had a chance to fully get a foot in. Clearly the large players in the legacy industry have the money to jump in and make a huge splash, but it’s a completely new category that has the capacity to upset the legacy model of the adult beverage market. Not to mention, the numbers show that that alcohol consumption is going down in areas where Marijuana has become recreationally legal, so it’s a great opportunity to become a pioneer. Things are changing.

If you can create a quality product and an early following for that product, you have a chance at becoming a stalwart in this new industry. We are at the ground floor. You can either take the elevator or you can take the stairs; it’s your choice, but if you start now, you are ahead of the game.