Now that the legalization of Cannabis is slowly becoming widespread globally, we are beginning to see the birth of a whole new industry unfold.  Sure, when most think about Cannabis, they think about people smoking it, but unfortunately what has been wrapped up in the stigmatization and prohibition of cannabis for decades is a set of compounds that will change the health and wellness industry as we know it. CBD is one of the many compounds found in the Cannabis plant that many are touting as the catalyst to disruption of health and wellness industry; turning big pharma on its head or at least forcing them to join the revolution, and do away with the old ways of developing products.

The beauty industry is one of the industries that are going to experience an explosion of new product offerings with CBD cosmetic products from companies looking to gain market share with health conscious consumers.  Every time a new CBD skin care company enters the market, little by little it puts the legacy beauty companies on their heels. Those legacy brands have to be quick to adapt to this complete shift in the space. CBD is not just some sort of hyped up ingredient; it truly has health benefits that we will continue to discover as more companies are free to use it.

The CBD product options are available for consumers to not only look good, but to also use on their skin to heal them from the outside-in; That’s a new type of product. The CBD-infused side of beauty sector is only in its infancy as a whole, but there is no doubt that a wave is coming. Companies such as Cococanna, Kush Queen, Myaderm and Kana are a few of the companies vying for their names to the added to the category of Best CBD Beauty Products in the CBD beauty market, as they begin to solidify their position as early movers in the space.

One early mover who sees the opportunity in the market is Cappie Pondexter; In partnership with the company Fresh Farms CBD, out of California, Cappie has recently launched her own CBD Skin Care product called “Cappie’s Own”. Not only is Cappie Pondexter a WNBA star, but she is fashion forward and focuses on beauty, so she is able to utilize her platform and star power to bring attention to her innovative beauty product.

It is only a matter of time before the stigma of cannabis disappears, and people start to figure out what the CBD skin care benefits are. When that happens, it’s going to push CBD to the forefront. Some people may even wonder where CBD has been all of this time and why they are just learning about it, especially when serious skin conditions become easy to treat without the need for pharmaceuticals. Well, there are so many changes to come that we can’t even fathom it yet because the Cannabis plant hasn’t been legally available for in-depth research and innovation in any industry. Things are changing fast.

We are going to see new and old beauty companies offering an array of product lines, from CBD lotions, CBD Make Up, CBD Acne treatments, and CBD bath products. If you have any interest in establishing a beauty brand of CBD products, you would be quite early in a whole new game. If you are a producer of CBD skin care products, we wish you all the best in you ventures. As a customer, we wish you all the best in finding great products that help you.

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