The passing of the Farm Bill in December of 2018 was a milestone in the journey of making Hemp-derived products. Now the industry has to work through any issues the FDA has with ingestible and topical CBD products.

The popularity of CBD Oil is increasing, which means that even more companies are entering the space to be a part of the growth of the industry. Maine, New York, and Ohio are starting to dig their heels in and stop the flow of CBD Oil in food establishments that offer “CBD-Infused” goods. Restaurants and coffee shops that offer their premium CBD-filled products like CBD Coffee,CBD Baked Goods and other CBD Edibles are being told to stop what they are doing or risk being fined.

This makes for a very interesting dynamic in the CBD market at this time. On one hand the industry is being given what seems to be more clarity than ever at the federal level and the awareness and customer demand is starting to increase daily. but on the other hand there is pushback from some states where businesses have been providing their CBD offerings pre-Farm-Bill-passing. The floodgates of CBD Oil sales is slightly cracking open, but it all depends on how accessible it is and in what form it is available.

No matter how you slice it though, the regulators, states, and government will eventually open to gates and let business flow just like any other industry gets a chance to do; In the meantime customers in-the-know are going to find their own way of getting exactly what they want. That is the nature of human beings, and no law has ever changed that.

If consumers want to sit down in an establishment and drink a cup of CBD Coffee, there is only so long the consumers are going to wait before they find ways of making this happen.

Having said all of this, the sale of CBD online is growing and thriving. There is no denying that. Whatever customers want, they can get online. However, for the industry to take the next step, it’s going to require the freedom and flexibility of CBD to be everywhere.

Advertising platforms are going to have to throw out their restrictions and let CBD businesses flex their marketing muscles to reach an audience who may want to learn about what differentiates their brand from the competition.

Once the rules change, the stigma goes away. Then, the full understanding of CBD benefits come into the consciousness of the consumers. Finally, when that understanding is there, the deluge of customer adoption of CBD Edibles, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Drinks, CBD Lotion, CBD Bath Bombs and all other CBD products that can improve the health and wellbeing of customers, will come.

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