Whether you play basketball, football, baseball, or hockey, you know that injuries and pain are the two common experiences that affect most people on any level, whether recreational players or professional athletes.  There is no going around the fact that if you are an athlete on any level, the likelihood of you sustaining an injury remains high. The question is, how are athletes typically dealing with pain management and recovery? Well, unfortunately they are usually given prescription drugs to help the pain subside.

The truly sad part is that we as fans watch professional sports as entertainment, which it is; however, we don’t get to understand the magnitude of the injuries that are sustained. When we see a play get injured, we may be concerned about how his or her time away from the team is going to affect our favorite team’s playoff hopes. Or we may be thinking about our Fantasy league team.  Again, it’s about entertainment, and these professional athletes are paid quite well, financially to do what they do, but they are paying a serious price when they sustain an injury that requires significant pain relief and recovery.

All too often we hear the horror stories that plague the sports industry regarding prescription painkillers; everything from addictions, overdoses, and deaths.  Yes. The same game that we love to watch can cause all of the above.

Professional athletes have been seeking the right combination of products to alleviate the physical and mental anguish they face in their sport; Unfortunately, injured and hurting athletes typically have access to a cocktail of opioids, prescription painkillers, and sleeping pills.  Now just imagine having to down these on a daily basis as a way to function as a human being that feels healthy. What happens when none of these options work, and the team doctor has made a million prescriptions that don’t make a difference? Like anything else in life, people are going to start looking for their own remedies.  When their team doctor is all out of viable options for the athlete, Some athletes will use a combination of prescription pills and alcohol to numb the pain and to also get rid of the anxiety and stress from being injured or just the rigors of the sport they play. Doesn’t like the glamorous life we envision for professional athletes, right?

Fortunately there is a great movement that is happening to bring awareness to athletes that are seeking better answers and alternatives to what they are going through.  It is the former athletes-turned-entrepreneurs-and-advocates who are leading the charge and speaking about their experience. These former professional athletes have experienced the old and (unfortunately) current way of pain relief for athletes, and they are speaking up about Cannabis and CBD- one of the non-psychoactive, healing elements of the Cannabis plant.  

Former NBA veteran, Al Harrington, is a great example of an athlete who had a major injury and surgery and took the typical prescription painkillers until he was told about the benefits of Cannabis.  Al was able to successfully alleviate pain, as well as recover with the use of Cannabis. Now he has launched his own brand of Cannabis products called Viola Brands while he advocates for Cannabis use in professional sports leagues. He even had a chance to have an interview with former NBA commissioner, David Stern regarding the necessity of Cannabis for healing in the NBA. Al Harrington was able to make a great case to Commissioner Stern, and helped to show the upside to adjusting the rules in the NBA to allow for Cannabis consumption for its athletes; After all,, professional athletes will admit that 70% (or so) of the athletes in any given league are using marijuana already, but they are punished if they fail a drug test.

Another Former professional athlete by the name of Riley Cote has taken it upon himself to champion the use of Cannabis for athletes. Riley is a former NHL player who was constantly involved in the roughest part of the sport, which is the “Enforcing” or Fighting. He knows all to well what is like to experience the pain of the game at the highest level, as well as the anxiety of having to knuckle up with the toughest guys in the league almost every night (if not every night).  You can only imagine the toll this can take on the body and the brain. This is why Riley Cote has not only become and advocate, but he is the founder of the Hemp Heals Foundation and a co-founder of Athletes For Care. Both platforms he uses to teach about the benefits and healing properties of CBD as well as the many benefits of Hemp, as a whole.

Not only is Riley Cote an advocate of CBD, but he is also a grower of Hemp, and the owner of a line of CBD products geared toward hockey players. His brand is called Body Chek Wellness. He is focused on providing athletes with the powerful CBD products that can heal them, as well as increase performance on the ice. Body Chek Wellness aims to play a major role in CBD sports recovery. Riley has expressed that he is making his line of products available to be private labeled by other players who want to provide the market with quality CBD products under their own brand. He sees that the stigma of Cannabis and Cannabis-related products is going to disappear over time, and he is making his formulas and technology available for others; This is all before CBD is even “thing” in the eyes and consciousness of your everyday-person, so Riley clearly understands that change is coming soon, and people are going to wake up and appreciate the benefits that CBD has to offer everyone.

Former NFL veteran, Cullen Jenkins is another former professional athlete who has had to deal with the pain management and all of the tribulations that come with that as a professional. Cullen has been transparent about his use of painkillers and alcohol to numb the anxiety, depression and the pain that came with playing in the NFL. Cullen also used Cannabis to try to provide healing for the ongoing pain he felt throughout his career. Cullen has mentioned the quick turnaround, in between games, that he and his fellow players had to do to get their bodies back into playing form even if they are injured. Coaches didn’t want them to miss a practice, so you can only imagine the urgency for players like Cullen to “get it together” by any means just to make their team happy. Hence why he turned to the harshest means of pain management. Now in his retirement, Cullen has been focusing his energy on bring more awareness to the issues that professional football players, and athletes alike, are facing. He has become and advocate for the use of CBD Oil use in the NFL. Not only is Cullen Jenkins an advocate, but is also the co-founder of Fresh Farms CBD, which produces CBD Oil and a variety of CBD products to help improve the health of everyone who uses them.

The question is… Is Cannabis and CBD legal for athletes in these professional leagues anytime soon?  Well these professional leagues are being forced to take a look at Cannabis and CBD.  Active players are becoming aware of the dangers of the status quo of pain management; They are being awaken to the fact CBD in sports is the way to go, by former players who have been through the worst. The collective bargaining agreements of every league is going to have Cannabis and CBD as a major negotiating point. When you hear young superstars like the NHL’s Connor McDavid mention that players are starting to get wise and seek the answers to questions about Cannabis and wellness in Hockey and in sports, you know change is coming. CBD in sports is going to be normal; It’s just a matter of time. If you are interested in checking out some of the Fresh Farms CBD products that Cullen Jenkins and his company produces, we have a coupon code for you. Visit freshfarmscbd.com and use coupon code CANNABISROLLBACK for 20% off your purchase of all Fresh Farms CBD products.