Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Please see our About Us section to learn more. Or you can just take our word for it right now that is going to be like your best friend, sort of. We help you save money on Cannabis purchases by giving you Coupons. Some friend, right? You’re welcome.

I want to submit a coupon. How do I?

Thank you very much for wanting to do this. Submitting a coupon is a simple process. Click on the “Submit Coupon” tab on the homepage of our website, and fill in the details of the deal that you would like to share. Once you are finished, click the “Submit Coupon” button. As soon as the approval is completed, your deal will join the fun with the others.

Should I sign up for the Newsletter?

You enjoy Cannabis deals, right? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be here. We want to make sure you have access to the newest deals when they arrive. We want to provide you with exclusive offers that will get sent directly to your inbox. So think about it. It might be a good option for you.