Ready…Set…Go Get CBD in the PharmacyThe race has begun. The race to fill the shelves of pharmacy chains with CBD products is on. Everything is starting to play out the many have envisioned – CBD in pharmacy locations near you.

Big Pharmacy Chains in on CBD

That’s right. CBD in the pharmacy. CVS and Walgreens and don’t want to get left behind in the growth of the CBD market. They have made early moves in the midst of the murky (and sometimes clear-ish) rules about CBD. While certain jurisdictions are grappling with unclear local CBD retail laws, these giant pharmacy chains have put their stake in the ground, and declared that they are moving forward with CBD sales.

It’s interesting to see how CBD is starting to make inroads through the retail landscape. While people are still trying to understand the uses and benefits of the cannabis compound, retailers are providing the infrastructure for in-store purchasing.. Retailers are setting up to provide maximum exposure to CBD products, and by proxy, a sort of validation to the everyday consumer that CBD does, in fact, have something to good to offer

Retail Means More Standards for CBD Products

Some would liken the online CBD market to“The Wild West” where there are very few rules and standards to play by; and if we’re being honest with ourselves, it is wild. There have been tsstories of certain brands being tested and were found to have less CBD than listed on their packaging; hence, customers not getting the desired benefits that were promised. It’s safe to say that major retailers are not going to be taking any chances with brands they are stocking their shelves with. These retailers are going to vet brands that have a proven track record with high quality products. With large reputations at stake, retailers are not going to gamble with brands; they are more likely to take very well calculated risks on CBD companies that have science-back facts regarding efficacy, testing, product labeling, etc.  

All in all new, product manufacturing and testing standards are created and followed to ensure that customers are buying exactly what they think they are buying, every time. If the label says something about what is in the bottle or package then that is what customers need to be getting consistently. As for the desired health outcomes that customers are looking for, well there will more than likely be no claims on products like CBD Gummies, CBD Vape products, CBD Bath Bombs, and other CBD-infused products; similar to vitamins and supplements. However, there will come a time when cannabinoid products will address certain ailments directly, and will be labelled specific to what it can be used to treat.  

CBD Products with Standard Approval Seal on Package

The US Hemp Authority has already begun to implement product standards for CBD brands to abide by in order to receive their seal of approval, much like these 13 CBD companies have. The seal that the US Hemp Authority is awarding to brands will be placed on the packaging and other marketing material. This seal may not be the end all be all for brands to follow, but it provides a framework that establishes what good brands are doing in their quality control process. This seal serves as something that brands can aspiring to having. Customers want to be able to trust what they are buying, so it’s beneficial to give customers the reassurance of knowing that safety and quality are taken care of.

Shopping For CBD Online

Today, in 2019, if you want CBD it’s quite easy to get. There are plenty of companies with an abundance of CBD products online. The interesting thing to note is that we are only at the beginning of this wave of CBD, so customers, for the most part, don’t really know exactly what they want in a brand yet because there are no leaders in the space who have solidified themselves as the universal go-to for CBD. Brands are duking it out, big time, for customer recognition let alone customer loyalty. Think about any sort of product in any other established sector, and you can pick out 1,2, or 3 top brands that have set themselves apart from the competition, and have emerged as a leader over time. Well, we don’t have that yet in the CBD space, or in the Cannabis space for that matter, and that’s due to the prematurity of the space as a whole. Sure, there are big companies who have a war chest of cash to invest in their product and business, but we are so early in the growth of the industry that people can go online to buy a CBD product, and just sort of “wing it” with a brand they’ve never heard; This is because they have no preconceived notion of what makes for a good CBD product, yet. There is no Coca Cola, General Mills, Nestle, Estee Lauder, Kellogg’s, or L’Oreal of the Cannabis space yet.In time, some of the CBD and Cannabis companies that we see today will be regarded in the same light as the above mentioned brands – They may even be acquired by them too.

CBD Product Demand Online vs In-Store

Will CBD brands online dictate which products sell well in physical stores, or will CBD brands in stores dictate what sells well online?  It’s going to be interesting to see. Afterall, online brands have had a head start in establishing relationships and trustworthiness with customers long before retail caught up. However, the brands that pharmacies choose will have the benefit of being seen by an incredible amount of customers who know that “X” pharmacy is synonymous with quality products. The customers will be the ones who purchase what they like, and it may be from as store or it may be from online; At least they have that choice.

Really, we have yet to see what the impact will be for customers,retailers and  CBD brands alike. Maybe some CBD brands will stick with the direct-to-consumer model that they have been forced to thrive with over the years, while other CBD brands aim to serve the growing need that physical retailers have. Or maybe there will be a cross between the two. In any case, much like many other consumer products, sales will happen when and where consumer find it easier or cheaper to get what they are looking for.